Betty A. Davis UX Designer and Researcher
Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher


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User-Centric Design:
Blueprinted with Empathy,
Designed with Creativity,
Built with Passion.

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Hi! I’m Betty Davis, a User Experience Designer who is driven towards knowing my users through research practices; and I enjoy applying my curiosity, empathy, and visual design skills to create seamless experiences that are sprinkled with delightful moments.

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Entir: Health information management

Learned: product ideation, exploratory research: crafting surveys, recruiting participants, and conducting interviews. Creating an MVP, information architecture, prototyping, testing and integrating results.

Type of project: (Health/info mgmt.) consumer mobile app prototype.

Ownership: full span- from product ideation to prototyping, with advise from a mentor.

Concept: Entir provides a comprehensive view of a person’s health records and data e.g., latest visit(s) to doctor(s), test results. This would help people own their health records regardless of their location and provider. In the future, possibly predict and alert on health trends and health conditions.


Horay!: Enterprise time keeping revamp

Type of project: (Human Resources) enterprise mobile app POC.

Ownership: collaboration with Grommet team under the advise of a mentor.

Concept: Part of an initiative of unifying under one design-system and brand all of our company’s internal applications.

Learned: site/portal assessment, guerilla research: survey and usability testing, importance of statistical significance. Wireflows, rapid prototyping on paper and sketch, studying and applying a design system.


Reference form generator and site improvements for enterprise website

Type of project: Enterprise-product site optimization (demo button, Reference Form Generator, and information design)

Ownership: Co-owned with senior strategy executive.

Learned: Large-enterprise update process, conducting site inventory and information architecture optimization, rapid wirefrimes and mock-ups.


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