Betty A. Davis UX Designer and Researcher
Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher
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Content Design: Information Visualization


Visual Design for Executive Communications

Adding value and increasing sellability potential: creating and revamping collateral, improving layout and brand-compliance

Working with multiple teams: marketing, executive communications, sales, product management to help materialize their concepts and ideas. Leveraging  existing assets from HPE brand and also creating/building own assets as needed. Requests come in different shapes and levels of completion, i.e., a hand-drawn sketch to be translated to a graphic, a bulleted list, a drawing on a whiteboard, or graphics that need to be brand compliant. Additionally extending the same quality to our SVP and team's communications

Most of the graphics below were created in PowerPoint to facilitate editing

Depicting a process with graphics

(some of the contents have been modified for confidentiality purposes)


Strategic US map, divided by zones


Sales graphic depicting a focus on smaller savings versus larger sums


Parts of a whole graphic


Knowledge management graphic