Betty A. Davis UX Designer and Researcher
Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher
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Hyperconverged Demo Request and Site Improvements

Hyperconverged demo request and main page revamp POC

As part of a joint initiative with the Director of Strategy, we proposed the need for a "Request Demo" button and RFG for the Hyperconverged site

Hypothetical Issue: The HPE Converged Systems site was missing a  "request a demo" of the product, leaving on the table potential sales leads. Based on heuristics evaluation, competitive assessment, our available content and resources, we decided that a simple button and an RFG on our site would be helpful. 

We decided that the content we wanted to collect was the following : 

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Line of Business

  • Job level

  • Job Title

  • Email

  • Phone

  • City/Country

First version evaluation & learnings

After sharing the screen (below) with coworkers to get their feedback and searching best practices for RFG visual layouts, we decided that we had too many fields and that some were unnecessary for the purpose of generating sales leads as  Tom Greever would say "...the more clutter, options or roadblocks we put in front of [users], the more we will fill their head and make it difficult for them to complete a task."

Sketching and wireframing proposed edits

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 12.42.58 PM.png
  • Reduce number of fields to five.

  • Consolidate First and Last Name in one field, eliminate Company field, Job Title, Line of Business.

  • Make form responsive and brand compliant.

  • Consider consolidating/removing multiple contact agreements unless legally necessary. If needed, we could add a check box "can we contact you with related information?"


Quick prototyping using PowerPoint (before and after)


Desktop:  Before and After


For Fun: Latest iteration, with further simplification

I took this upon myself: I reduced fields from 5 to 3 (preferably no scrolling) and confirmation message. Customer must enter either phone number or email, or "try again" message would appear. This concept was an additional exploration option made in Sketch.

HC Mock Simp.png

For Fun: Hyperconverged site improvement options Proof Of Concept

Initiative to propose a more engaging and consistent layout. At the time, we had gone through a major re-branding and some of our sites were inconsistent in formatting and wording. I was asked to conduct a site inventory, that is, listing and evaluating all of the content/ assets and finding areas where information architecture, wording and visuals were inconsistent or could be improved.

 Original version

HC Site snapshot old.jpg

Proposed option

HC site sapshot proposed.jpg