Betty A. Davis UX Designer and Researcher
Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher
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Digital photograpy

Digital Works

Original digital works are pieces created with programs such as Corel Draw, Krita, Photoshop and Illustrator. Sometimes combining traditional media with digital.

In Veiled, I explore ideas of beauty, concealed truth-related to media, threats of war and murder in the US and Mexico.

In SV ideal I comment on Silicon Valley's absurd, lavish and almost unreal living costs. Specially the cost of housing and property. I question- will we soon be living in a society similar to Elysium (movie) where the privileged/rich live in a utopian society (represented by the castle), free of decease and houses are mansions. While the rest of humanity is left to live in another planet -a tarnished and worn down ghetto, earth (represented by the tiny birdhouse and area outside castle)

I also enjoy making portraits, self portraits and infographics and use them as a learning opportunity to improve my skills