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Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher
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UX/UI Design: OnePlay POC

POC proposal for a unified platform for streaming services 

Users lack a "universal view" of the content in the platforms they pay for--they can't see all the shows available on each platform, that issue can prevent them from getting the maximum usage out of their subscriptions, which can lead to lower activity, which can then lead to guilt and cancellation.

OnePlay = One place for all your streaming platforms 

Solution proposed in October 2016, now Comcast/ Xfinity is moving towards a similar path (Feb 2017).

Hypothetical Challenge

People who subscribe to multiple video and music streaming platforms lack a "universal view" of the content in the platforms they pay for--they can't see (in one place) all the shows available on each platform they subscribe to, this issue can prevent them from getting the maximum use out of their subscriptions,which can cause low engagement/ low percieved value, and ultimately cancellation.

In addition, we asume that users are constantly on the move and switch/sign-in/out between platforms (like Hulu, Netflix, Google Play, YouTube) and on different devices (move from mobile to tablet, or PC to smart TV.) User research would need to be performed.

We are proposing a unified platform where users can add their streaming accounts: Google Play, Hulu, Netflix, etc. and can access easily from any device (especially smart TVs). We are also proposing an enhanced management system where consumption of content can be monitored and restricted: think of a family of four where young children, teenagers and adults access the platform. The parents can set controls, view usage data, and limit consumption times.



As part of a mentorship program with HPE's open source framework, an initiative to create an application inspired by Grommet leveraging its assets and frameworks. 

This a playful concept, knowing that APIs would place a challenge. Screens you will see were created in less than a day. The goal of this exercise was to gain familiarity with Grommet frameworks. Formal research, need-finding, interviews, personas, journey maps, prototyping and testing would need to be conducted.

Assumption-based needs

“..Switching platforms in my smart tv and tablet is tedious and feel like I am not using both my services to the maximum. Hulu offers me a set of shows, different from Netflix, so I subscribe to both...I can't see all the content that I am paying for without having to sign in to each service separately…”

“My kids spend too much time online, it would be great to have a tech-time-out button that switches all devices off at dinner and homework time”

“My nine year old watched The Strain without my consent...she's been having trouble sleeping since then”

“I'm on Netflix watching Narcos...Now I feel like resuming Battlestar Galactica....Wait...That's on Hulu...switching sucks!!”

Assumption-based empathy map


Assumption-based proto-personas


First concepts for screens


Rapid prototyping for logo and texture. Program: PowerPoint


Rapid prototyping of login screen (sign-up option and flow to be added)

OnePlay Main.png

Main admin view: Contains a view of all available shows from all platforms and channels, with the option of viewing latest viewed content, per user (under admin).


Profiles view: Hierarchy: “Administrator” (someone who can view and manage most content), “Cruzer” (can access most platform content but has limited admin rights), “Solo” for independent profiles that aren't linked to a supervised group.

Consumption view: includes system usage data per user, per month.

Fees and charges view: option to see what purchases are made (can add total per month).