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Betty A. Davis | UX Designer & Researcher
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UI Design: POC for Ent. Time Keeping


Rapid POC for Enterprise Time- Keeping  app Revamp

This proof of concept was the result of an initiative to revamp HPE's internal sites and applications, making them brand consistent and easier to use. The Grommet team was asked to do this, and I was invited to collaborate and come up with ideas. We focused on flows for logging employees’ vacation time/PTO, but we can also consider logging hours of work, and consider covering supervisor views.

I started with an assessment of the current site (below). At the same time I put together a brief interview script and talked to a few (3) employees, asking them about their behavior and knowledge of, and any interactions they had with the HPE Time Card Log. It would be ideal to conduct detailed research, interviewing at least six to ten people, at the same time engaging with key stakeholders from design and business to refine objectives.

Findings from user talks/interviews: Low interest in logging time, difficulties finding site, described as “a necessary but cumbersome process”, users didn’t know "types of time" that can be logged, too many clicks, people questioning the relevancy of time-tracking for salary/exempt employees. 

Current State Assessment

Challenges with current state

Not mobile friendly, lack of ability to see number of days remaining and number of days used (only shows time in hours), lack of ability to select multiple dates at once, exessive/ broken content e.g., two years of pay-periods in drop-down menu and broken links, and an outdated look and feel, among others.


From the talks with users, a set of assumption-based personas was created to start with. Research-based personas are ideal. In a nutshell:

  • Michael is a contractor whose main usage of the app is logging work time to get paid, since he is an hourly employee- his daily work requires him to move around the office, so he is rarely at his desk. He is intermediate in his ease of operating smartphones.

  • Andrea is a recent college grad, she used the app log her vacation time and keep compliant with company policy. She thinks it is a tedious task and sometimes forgets to do it. She spends a lot of time on her mobile phone and work pc due to her work travel. She is a pro operating a smartphone.

  • James is director of engineering, he is too busy working with the product team and talking at tech conferences to care about low- priority items such as logging time. He has taken a two week vacation and didn’t log it because he didn’t know how to access the platform.

Betty AD Time keeping app personas.png

Quick Wireframing

Hand-drawn wireframes depicting two possible flows for tracking time: “by kind-of-time off’ (vacation, sick, jury duty, etc.) and “by month”. We started with the latter.

Wireframes to digital for "by month" approach

Translating wireframes into digital version to then be tested. Creating concepts using Sketch, Photoshop and PowerPoint

Horay! from Horae (greek godess of time and seasons)

Prototyping on sketch

Prototyping on sketch

Next steps: Refining MVP, completing flows/user tasks, testing the prototype, gaining feedback, prioritizing and applying helpful feedback.

Status update: Time keeping was replaced / provided by Workday, and project ended.